500,000 orders of child support every year in America tell us all that the unwritten laws of sex between unmarried men and women have changed.


Single men who become accidental fathers often walk away from their educations and too often settle for jobs they don’t want in order to pay child support for eighteen years.

                  The creation of a new life - this most important occurance in                                           a man's life - must  never be left to chance.

                    If you're a single guy, or if you're someone who cares                                  about the future of a guy then it's time to buy this book.

"Bedrooms may be the only no-baloney roadmap through the minefield that is dating in the easy-sex America of today. It's hardhitting, insightful, and pulls no punches."

"What goes on in this country will shock and infuriate you."

" Thanks for this kick-ass book. It's exactly what my graduate son needs."

"This book should be required reading for every single guy in America - and for his parents." said the president of DNA Identifiers Meagan Thompson.




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